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Motorhomes at Knowepark

Lots of dealers will give you a brochure; many of them will even let you see one, and look around inside ... before taking your order for delivery next year. Here at Knowepark we have a wide selection of motorhomes in stock to suit all requirements. Our strength lies in our stock, as well as our knowledge and experience. Our buyers travel around checking out new models, selecting the best in each category to offer to our discerning customers.

Why choose a motorhome?

Like a caravan, a motorhome gives you freedom to sample different locations, landscapes and environments. Freedom to choose: stay here or move on. Freedom to vote with your feet (try that when you find yourself on a package tour to a Spanish building site!)

Unlike a caravan, there is no need to hitch and unhitch, a more natural driving experience - and a general feeling of luxurious satisfaction.

Some people will argue that a motorhome does not give you the same mobility as a caravan - that you need to pack up to drive somewhere - but you need to consider this as a holiday home, not a runabout. Do you really want to spend your holidays driving round a supermarket car park? Fighting the traffic in the town centres? No. Motorhomes are about convenience. Jump in and drive off to your holiday location. Jump out and enjoy yourself. Jump in when you are ready to move on, and repeat until forced to stop by work or school or family commitments.

Oh, and if you did feel you really need some smaller transport, a motorhome makes it easy to carry a bike or two. Ask about our professionally fitted cycle racks, and re-discover the joys of cycling as well!