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Caravans at Knowepark

Caravans provide a special kind of freedom to enjoy your leisure time, and give most enjoyment when you have the right one to suit you and your circumstances. Here at knowepark we understand the different features, layouts and workings of all of our caravans, and have a vast experience to draw upon when you seek our advice.

Why choose a caravan?

Do you like to sit on a beach, or walk in the forests? Swim in the sea or climb a mountain? Explore the highlands or the flat landscapes? Holiday at home or abroad?

If you are unsure of your answers, because you like more than one thing, then maybe a caravan is for you! A caravan allows you to experience more than one type of holiday each year; spend a few days relaxing at a seaside resort, and when your batteries are recharged and you feel restless again, simply hitch up and move on. Find that your holiday location is not what you expected? No worries, hitch up and move on.

The converse also applies. If your planned two day stopover turns out to be idyllic, you have the comfort and resources to let you stay on longer. The facilities, features and finish of a modern caravan give you a real 'home' feeling that you will never get leaping from hotel to hotel, where the last occupants may not have had the same standards of care and cleanliness you would hope for.

Of course, you can get all this from a motorhome as well; a key point in your decision has to be how much mobility you want. If you want to get up, drive somewhere, back for lunch, drive somewhere else, pop back for a siesta before shooting off somewhere else, a caravan can be more convenient; unpack for your holidays, and just jump in the car whenever you feel like it with no need to pack (or even tidy up)!