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Adria Motorhomes


"Adria Mobil has researched how people relate to their 'living in motion space' for over 40 years. The individual needs of our customer's lifestyle has always been our focus. We invest in design and innovation to meet your requirements and to ensure that you will have affordable top quality with modern style.

We take our feeling of pride in what we do and offer it to you, our valued customer, as a guarantee that your living space has been designed according to your needs and that you will be a proud owner, living in motion for years to come."

Adria, 2008 Brochure

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The Van range comprises of three models. The 3way, which is the smallest and has a pop up roof, the Twin that is a fixed bed high top van and the Van M, which again is a high top van conversion.

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The Coral range boasts the largest amount of models in all the Adria ranges. It features polyester panels and is built on the New Fiat body. The Coral is available in both low and high line roofs, offering a large diversity of models to suit all.

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Coral Sport

New for 2007, this competitively priced model is high on specification and low on price. Like the standard Coral this model is built on the New Fiat chassis and has both low and high line models.

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The Izola has proved its self to be a leader in the motor home market. With its Renault Chassis striking design, superb build, practical and durable interior, this model is set to continue doing what it does best - satisfying customers.

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The Vision is exactly what it says, it is a look in to how luxury motor homing will be in the future. it successfully combines futuristic design and specification in a luxury environment, with a bold and striking exterior that is both a pleasure to drive and a beauty to behold.

Check out our stock of used Adria Vision Motorhomes and new Adria Vision Motorhomes .